First Successful Anti-Ageing Gene Therapy, Claimed by BioViva

US based, BioViva Sciences Inc. have announced that their CEO Elizabeth Parrish has become the first human being to be successfully rejuvenated by gene therapy. Her company’s experimental therapies have reversed 20 years of normal telomere shortening, over a 7 month period. This result is based on the average T-lymphocyte (white blood cell) telomere length compared to the

How Cancer will be Cured by Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is developing fast! It’s already taking its first jabs at cancer, and all of the research ongoing tells us to be optimistic that just maybe a cure for cancer is within sight, and maybe only 15 years away. Thinking big is old school.

Russell Brand, we need Evolution, not Revolution!

For Progress, there is no ‘R’ before Evolution. The need for change is increasing. Fear is rising in those who unfairly benefit from their ability to abuse an aging status quo. The wrinkles are showing and the legs are are growing tired.

Life Extending Guide to Antioxidants

Eating foods high in antioxidants is one of the most effective anti-aging methods. Many studies report that antioxidants help prevent cancer, heart disease, and reduce the risk of degenerative diseases. This is our guide to antioxidants