Our Mission Statement


This is the mission we wish to promote with our website:

Inspire outward thinking to spark collaborative ideologies among the masses.

We aim to inspire outward thinking, by delivering news that opens peoples eyes to the surprising realities of what will become possible during the coming decades. We do this through showing what technological advances are being achieved and what is predicted to be achieved in a nearer future than most realise.

Technology is advancing exponentially, yet humanity has evolved to naturally think of growth as being linear. Therefore, while uneducated about our technological trends, we fail to understand the speed at which our upcoming advances will be achieved. This failure has major consequences for global security.

“21st century technologies, particularly from the criminal side are already vastly outpacing the public policy, law and law enforcement policies we have in place today”Ā – Marc Goodman of the Future Crimes Institute.

By making clear what is possible, humanity will understand the importance of prioritising our securities. The best way to ensure we are all safe from next-gen crime and terrorism, is to cooperate with each other. The majority of us want the same thing – survival and freedom. As we progress in the coming decades, it will become increasingly important to cooperate. This cooperation will grow from a need to develop collaborative ideologies. We will need a universal global security network, working towards shared goals for shared reasons.

With our current way of thinking, we are too culturally conservative: We join Armies to serve our countries. We should be joining Armies to serve freedom and global security. We accuse foreigners of diluting our cultures; we view it as ‘us’ vs ‘them’. We should view ‘us’ and ‘them’ as ‘we’. We need to accept that non of our cultures are perfect, we need to live side by side, and focus on what ‘our’ culture needs to together become.

We need to focus on the future, on innovation. By focusing on the traditions of the past, we are walking a blind path; we will fall in the pot holes, take the wrong turns, we will not see our future terrorists destroying the road ahead. The destruction of our evolution, of humanity, of our planet, is incredibly likely if we do not cooperate and focus on creating collaborative global ideologies and a globally shared security network.


Please share our message; help inspire outward thinking to spark collaborative ideologies among the masses, for the sake of our survival and enduring freedoms.

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