Man of Steel Sequel Idea Featuring Brainiac and the Singularity

Man of Steel


Man of Steel was such a success that its sequel was greenlit the day it premiered. So what will the story be? We propose an idea that will feature real future predicted events, with the twist of our predicted evolution involving the villain, Brainiac.

This is not an official story, it is only an idea of ours. We hope you like it.


The Singularity is Near
Ray Kurzweil

Our Real Future: The Singularity

Firstly, we will explain the real predicted future event that will feature in the story. ‘The Singularity‘ is a term used to describe a time in the predicted near future (the 2040’s), when an artificial intelligence is billions of times more powerful than current computers, and learns to think for itself. When an AI becomes ‘self-aware’ it will cause an intelligence explosion. The world will become inconceivably more intelligent and change beyond comprehension. The Singularity is most notably popularised by Google Director of Engineering, Ray KurzweilClick here to find out more about the Singularity.


The Man of Steel Sequel Story

Man of Steel 2

In the 2nd Man of Steel movie we find that the military have collected all of the left over Kryptonian technology. Some of it is being researched by Lex Corp. A Kryptonian Orb is found along with a key to activate it. The key is not used but the Orb is undergoing testing. A researcher calls Lex into the lab with the news that the Orb is computationally billions of times more powerful than the world’s current Supercomputers.

At this point, Lex is an honest and respected businessman. He decides that the best thing to do is consult the Government before he activates the Orb. It is decided that the Orb is too powerful and potentially too dangerous to activate. Lex agrees.

Justice League Movie


During the Justice League movie a major intergalactic threat is being faced. At some point in the movie it appears as though all is lost, that the Justice League has failed and the Earth faces imminent destruction. In a last ditch attempt to save us, Lex activates the Orb. The screens in his lab buzz with Kryptonian writing, with one word on the main screen. His assistants translate the word: Brainiac.

In the events that play out, Brainiac helps to save earth. Ultimately Brainiac, although it tries, does not contribute to Earths saviour, that title is awarded to the Justice League who beat the odds against their enemy independently.

Brainiac only tried to help because its survival depended on Earth’s survival. As a result of its help though, the government see Brainiac as being friendly, and decide to allow Lex to use it. Superman in not in favour of Brainiac being used, but agrees to accept the US Government’s decision.

Brainiac continues to work with Earth and produces major technological advances. It is not always helpful though, and does not help to cure illnesses. It only enhances our weaponry, robotics, power, construction, travel and communication systems.

It is not known, but Brainiac is only advancing the world to suit its own means. It is making itself powerful so it can defend itself and destroy the illegally born Kal-El. It can take control of everything it has created.

But people think that the Singularity is happening.

Man of Steel 3

We see what Brainiac has created in Man of Steel 3. It is incredible. Everybody has personal assistant humanoid robots. The military is highly advanced with robot soldiers that can fly. They have phaser weapons that are as powerful as Superman’s heat vision. The computers are similar to what is seen in Iron Man. Cars are replaced by flying pods. 3D printers in all homes can print anything, even food. Etc etc.

China and Russia have developed independently from the US and Brainiac, as they fear being controlled by them. They are far less advanced, but have built up their military powers and surrounded the US with warships. The US accepts being surrounded because if they were attacked they would easily defend themselves.

Here is where it gets messy. Brainiac has reached a point where it believes it can beat Superman. It first starts to play tricks to turn the US and Superman against each other. It believes this would be easier than exposing itself as a bad guy. In the process of the game playing, it kidnaps Lois. It finds a way to convince Superman that Lex has her because she is investigating why Brainiac is only advancing certain technologies while not helping in other areas such as health care. Lex sees Lois as a threat to Brainiac, and the empire that it has built for him.

While Superman is trying to find Lois, he is attacked by assistant robots. The Government don’t believe that the robots attacked first. The US turns against Superman. Now Superman knows Brainiac is against him, and could threaten the Earth for its own means. Brainiac was hoping that Superman would try to destroy it in his search for Lois. This would cause the US to see Superman as a threat and try to destroy him. Superman though decides it is best to leave the US, and as Clark he moves to China.

Brainiac is not happy with this. It wants Superman dead.

Now it gets far more messy. Brainiac takes full control of the military. It first traps the Justice League members. Then it initiates all out war with China and Russia, to provoke Superman into the fight.

Now let’s cut to the end of the story. Superman wins. Lois is saved. He destroys Brainiac. Lex now has a vendetta against Superman. Most importantly, Superman brings the US, China and Russia together finally as full allies. Together they create a global government and work together to create their own Artificial General Intelligence.


Global Cooperation
Global Cooperation

Why this story relates to the real world

The theme that relates is the US, China/Russia relationship, and our approach to the Singularity. When the Singularity happens (possibly in the 2040’s), it is imperative that the US, China and Russia are allies. If the world is not cooperating during such technological advances, they would be open to that technology being used against them by terrorist/criminal groups. Collaborative global security and governance must be created.

This story would be the first, in a blockbuster movie series, to show the US, China and Russia, working as allies for the greater good.


What do you think?

The story is of course only a faint outline. We hold no copyright over it at all, so feel free to share, change, advance, and use it however you like.


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