New ‘Shots of Awe’: A Must Watch YouTube Channel by Jason Silva

Shots of Awe



Jason Silva now has a new YouTube Channel to showcase his ideas and vision of awe. It can be best described by the questions it asks: “Ever ponder the miracle of life? Or perhaps wonder about the evolution of intelligence?”. And the answer is described with awe inspiring positivity.




Jason Silva is a performance philosopher and filmmaker. His work has been featured by Forbes, Wired, The Economist, Vanity Fair, National Geographic Channel, and most recently the Discovery Network.

The Discovery Network are the people behind the new Shots of Awe YouTube channel. The new funding will allow Jason’s videos to feature the awesome visuals that belong to his presenting style, and the mind enhancing ideas he presents.

Jason describes the new videos by saying they are “condensed nuggets of techno-rapture, psychedelic viral videos meant to radically pull people out of their habituated modes of thinking. The goal is to infect people with inspiration and invigorate the imagination!”

As a result of the help given by the Discovery Network, Jason now has a worthy platform for the displaying of his ideas. The Channel is a continuation of his old channel titled ‘Jason Silva‘. Check out his old video below about the Singularity and then see after that for the new one about the Singularity, produced with the Discovery Network.

It is an awesome enhancement. The new ‘Shots of Awe’ channel has been live since May 2013, and promises a new video every week.

Check out their previous videos and subscribe, here.



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