Breakthrough in Reversing the Aging Process; Human Trials Begin

Scientists from Harvard and the University of New South Wales say they have discovered how to reverse the ageing process. They have already begun human trials. Is this the wonder drug we’ve been waiting for?

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The scientists have reported that they have discovered how to switch on youthful genes, and switch the older genes off. They have done this by using naturally occurring proteins and molecules.

The research has focused primarily on mice, but early clinical trials on humans have also been conducted.

Professor of genetics at Harvard and UNSW, David Sinclair, led the research. He has said, “we’ve discovered genes that control how the body fights against ageing and these genes, if you turn them on just the right way, they can have very powerful effects, even reversing ageing – at least in mice so far.”

They fed the mice a molecule called NMN, which reversed ageing completely within just a week of treatment in the muscle targeted. They are now looking to reverse all aspects of ageing.

Professor SinclairThe big news is in Professor Sinclair saying that the breakthrough could be used to develop drugs to restore youthfulness in human cells.

There has reportedly been clinical trials on humans around the world, which have showed promising results. Professor Sinclair said that within a few years we should have results on the drugs potential to restore youth to human cells.

“Eventually we want these molecules to be taken by many people to prevent diseases of ageing and make them live longer, healthier lives,” he said

Adding credibility to Professor Sinclair research –¬†he¬†was named by Time Magazine as one of most influential people in the world.

He has said that the latest discovery could, one day, be seen in the same light as antibiotics.

Is Immortality on the Horizon?

Pretty exciting news. Aging though is caused by multiple different eroding effects on the human body. This drug will potentially counteract some of those effects, but alone it will not be the wonder drug of forever youthful lives.

What it could at least do though is extend lives, and so provide many of us with a bridge to receiving newer therapies to extend our lives even further, potentially eventually allowing us to reach ‘longevity escape velocity’¬†–¬†when human life expectancy will be extending by more than a year for every year that passes; allowing us to turn around and wave goodbye to death. For more information about all of the current known and theorised bridges to immortality, have a read of our article, The Reality of Immortality.

And check out the video below of Aubrey de Gray explaining the potential for us to live indefinitely