Russell Brand, we need Evolution, not Revolution!

Evolution_Not_Revolution_by_LastwearFor Progress, there is no ‘R’ before Evolution

The need for change is increasing. Fear is rising in those who unfairly benefit from their ability to abuse an aging status quo. The wrinkles are showing and the legs are are growing tired. The status quo must always go, because it always ages. But hold on, why kill it? Surely it isn’t all bad? Surely there is something it can teach us? Something it can continue to contribute?

Revolution is a call to push aside with contempt all that has gone before, it reeks of hatred, of recklessness, and what we see beyond its reset is a future of pure bewildering uncertainty.

The road to improvement, is a road of evolution. Take what we have, and reform it, modernise it, and make it suitable and strong once again. By doing this, we keep a system that is wise and has lessons to remember from its past. We keep the ball of history rolling, we keep our heritage, we continue to be who we are, and can have pride in our past and ability to adapt.


Revolution is Reset through Destruction

The maintenance of peace has a vital element: A functional stably balanced political scale. We need this to maintain a functioning multi-ideological, multicultural society, allowing complete representation for all its citizens. If the scales fall, we have nothing but destruction. Hitler broke the scales when he tore them down from the right. North Korea’s scales are broken because they are stuck down to the left.

And the scales can be broken by more than just their left and right arms. Dictators can make the scales immovable. While immovable the scales rust. Then you rip down the dictator and the shock brakes the scales. You try to rebuild them, to allow fair representation for all your people, but before you can build them, another dictator force (radical Islamists, for example) takes the opportunity while they are weak, to rip them down or take their own control.

And then we have illusion Рthe illusion of functioning scales, which are infact discreetly controlled mechanically from the centre. The methods of control being biased media, and political party funding, for example.


Why Russell Brand wants to Break the Scales

Russell Brand seems to have become perhaps maybe just a little tiny bit… absolutely adamant that the West has the illusion of functioning scales. Whether right or wrong, what is important is what he proposes to do about it.

Russell Brand The TrewsFrom the far-left, the only call can be revolution, because you need to pin down the scales. There is no need to evolve the scales when you want to pin them down, because the job the scales are made for, is not needed.

Mentioning the opposition, for balance: The nationalist right currently agrees in evolution as a means of change. Well it would, because it already has its hold on the scales, and it has potential to tip the scales in its favour through simple reform. The trends are indeed already moving in its favour, particularly in Europe and with UKIP in the UK. And its agenda happens to suit the status quo, because maintaining the traditional status quo is at the heart of its ideology.


Evolution is Vital! Our Systems are Failing us

Now, a system that is resistant to talks of reform is natural. The human survival instincts embed themselves into our cultures – when we are safe, we protect our supporting environment.

But we are moving out of a period of balance, and it is happening simply because the scales have become defective. They have been compromised by the evolving environment that they are not evolving along with. The centre is being hoged –¬† The fat cats sit in luxurious safety in the utopia at the centre of the scales. The fatter become the few, the further away become the many. People are being pushed from the center of the scales -compelled to go either further left of further right.

Russell Brand Pull LeftAnd what is worse, those currently at he center are able to influence which way people slide, as they own media companies. With the near right, not being their threat, that is exactly where we would predict they would want to place people. Russell Brand believes that this is exactly what many media organisation are trying to do, and he aims to counteract their endeavor, with the presentation of the Trews. We should never though trust any news as true news, Russell has his own ideologically agenda.

As is probably clear by now, politically, I am centrist, and I believe capitalism is currently our most suitable economic system. I believe in complete freedom of debate, and representation of all ideologies in a way that promotes balance.

Due to a strong pull coming from the right, I welcome Russell Brand’s pull from the left.

Now, the centre needs to recognise the strain it is feeling from both arms, and push to evolve by fixing the cause of the problems. The centre should be an inviting, constantly innovating, and inspirational place, for it holds the mechanics of governance. Instead, we have enormous legal tax avoidance, and banks and companies that are allowed to monopolise systems to suit their own greedy agendas.


Evolution will eventually create the revolutionised world you seek

One day though the job of the scales will likely be done by something else, through something that allows us to transcend the need of traditional economies and even party politics: The exponential growth of our technologies has only just begun to bring us all closer together.

One day, merely surviving, will be almost a given, almost free. Advances in solar power, batteries and fusion power, for example, will eventually mean energy is so cheap to create, it will be near enough free. The same will go with water, thanks to nanotechnology water filtration. Food supply will be much easier, partly thanks to the 3D-printing of meats. Advances in robotics will mean that the maintenance of these systems require much less human employment. What we will face then, most probably, will be no other choice but to radically restructure our economic systems.

And then we have upcoming advances in artificial intelligence which could lead to the creation of computers that could just solve all our problems for us in a relative blink of an eye.

We need to prepare for these technological advances; we need progress, not reset; we need evolution, not revolution.

Russell Brand’s utopia may be out there, but not yet.