Paralysed woman controls robotic arm with her mind

Mind controlled robotic arm
Mind controlled robotic arm


In trials of mind controlled robotics, a paralysed woman has displayed amazing advances of the technology by feeding herself chocolate. The tech is at its infancy but is advancing fast, continue to read more about this liberating technology.







Jan Scheuermann has been paralysed from the neck down for 10 years. Check out the amazing video below of her regaining the ability to move things.



The study reported that Jan Scheuermann gained “co-ordination, skill and speed almost similar to that of an able-bodied person”. The results of the study have been described as better then anything seen before.

Featured in the study is Brain-Computer Interface Technology (BCI). In the video you see that for this particular study they have used the BCI method of implanting sensors directly into the brain. Another BCI method exists which is not brain invasive, and instead uses an electrocorticography (ECoG) grid, which sits on the surface of the brain, under the skull. Completely non-invasive BCI devices have also been successfully used, however they do not receive as clear signals as they are dampened while traveling through the skull, also it is also harder to determine which neurons fired those signals. The technology though is advancing at an incredible exponential rate.

In addition to only movements, attempts are also being made to restore a sense of touch by giving these robotic limbs synthetic skin that looks, feels and functions like the real thing . Check out our article about this sensitive synthetic skin.

Although the technology featured is only in its infancy, it is already being described by researchers as being close to becoming a revolutionary treatment model.


Our integration with technology will soon liberate the lives of the disabled. Humanity is truly on the brink of its next stage of evolution. It is often referred to as transhumanism, human+, H+, or Evolution 2.0.

There are many more amazing examples of ways in which we are currently integrating with our technologies. Find more articles and view our central information page about transhumanism, here.



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