UK government invests £600m in emerging technologies

David Willetts, Minister for Universities and Science
David Willetts, Science Minister


David Willetts, the UK Minister for Science, has urged the UK government to offer greater backing for the research and development of incredible new technologies. This came as he pledged to invest £600m into the industry. David Willetts understands the importance of the UK staying ahead of the competition. Read on to see the technologies that will benefit from the funding.


Emerging technologies are predicted to create incomprehensible change to our world within 35 years. If the UK stays ahead of the curve, it can capitalise on the resulting economic growth. The result of lacking in its innovation and falling behind the advances of other countries will leave it flagging behind in economic growth. Furthermore it would fall behind on weapons advances and so weaken its defence, raising the threat of terrorism and possible oppression by greater global powers.

David Willetts outlines past failings of the government which, if continue, he asserts, would place the UK’s future on the worse case scenario as described above. With the UK government in agreement with David Willetts, we are now beginning to see what technologies will benefit from the £600m investment.

These technologies include energy storage, regenerative medicine, robotics, big data, satellites, modern genetics,  agricultural technologies, and advanced materials.

Advances in energy storage will aid in our endeavour for energy self-sufficiency, which would lead to an end of our dependence on oil imports from other countries, reducing possible future oppression through blackmail.

The applications of advances in the technologies described are the advances that this website specialises in displaying. Through research in mind controlled robotics, we have already seen a paralysed woman able to control a robotic arm with her mind, see here.

It is clear beyond doubt that this latest investment will aid UK business in its technological advances. It will contribute to a healthy economy and a future of the country as one which is secure against the possible future security threats that could result from other countries and terrorists out maneuvering the UK’s defence with supreme technologies.


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