Construction begins on new world’s tallest and most advanced building: Sky City One

Sky City One
Built in 4 months!


China’s Sky City One will be the world’s tallest building, and is set to take only 4 months to build!

A recent statement released from the Broad Sustainable BuildingĀ press department confirmed that the project is “Going well …Ā We broke the ground on July 20. We will start fabrication in September with installation in January 2014”

Once the building begins its assembly in January, it will take just 4 months to build, with construction set to be completed by April 2014.

The company boasts that the building will not only be the worlds tallest and fastest built but will also be…

Much more advanced in every aspect.

Highest level of construction technology
Highest energy efficiency
Highest air quality
Highest efficiency of land use
Highest life enjoyment

Ā A city in oneĀ building!

And it really is a city in a building, contained within it, all that its 17,400 residents will need: 5,000 apartments, Ā a hospital, 5 schools, kindergartens, offices, an old people’s home, stores, a supermarket, restaurants, a cinema, a theatre, a library, an amusement park, a playground, gyms, a farmer’s market, kitchen gardens, and 60 basketball sized flowered gardens. And more, a hotel for 1000 people, 17 helipads, 104 high-speed elevators, and resistance to an 8.0 earthquake.


BSB describe it as “paradise”..

What do you think?




Sky City One, how tall?
Yup, quite tall. Images Credit: Broad Group