UK government invests £600m in emerging technologies

David Willetts, UK Science Minister, has urged the UK government to offer greater backing for the research and development of incredible new technologies. This came as he pledged to invest £600m into the industry. Read on to see the technologies that will benefit from the funding.

The Singularity to be the theme of a movie by Christopher Nolan

The upcoming Singularity will soon be thrust into the popular media thanks to ‘Transcendence’, a movie produced by Christopher Nolan. The movie will feature Johnny Depp, who plays a character that will have his mind uploaded to a supercomputer with the aim of making the first true artificial intelligence.

No One is Right: All Religions are Possible!

You don’t believe in any religion, and you believe that when you’re dead, you’re dead!? This does not automatically make you an atheist. Those who don’t believe in any religion, may actually be far more open minded than those who do.