Transcendence Movie Features Real Upcoming Technologies

‘Transcendence’, starring Johnny Depp, features events which are predicted by many scientists and futurists as possible in reality within the first half of this century. The predictions featured include those subscribed to by Ray Kurzweil, Hugo de Garis, and Jason Silva.

Johnny Depp in New Poster for Transcendence

The poster has been released courtesy of Yahoo Movies. The movie is set to feature real predictions of the future. The main prediction is taken from the theory of the upcoming mysterious Technological Singularity.

Anti-Technology Terrorism: An Upcoming Global Threat?

We are only just starting to discover what our upcoming technologies will be capable of, and already, through fear of possible future threats, bombs are being sent to physicists. Emerging technologies are set to revolutionise our world during the next few decades; could this lead to the rise of anti-technology terrorism becoming even more of a threat than radical Islam?

We Want the Transcendence Trailer!

Transcendence is set for cinematic release in a mere 4 months, but still no trailer? Very little information has been made available about the movie, and there has so far been zero promotion.

The Singularity to be the theme of a movie by Christopher Nolan

The upcoming Singularity will soon be thrust into the popular media thanks to ‘Transcendence’, a movie produced by Christopher Nolan. The movie will feature Johnny Depp, who plays a character that will have his mind uploaded to a supercomputer with the aim of making the first true artificial intelligence.