Poll: Do you want to be immortal?

Poll: How many people want to be immortal?
We all admit at some point in our lives that we would like to look and feel 10 years younger. Well many people believe that within 35 years, all people will have the opportunity to look and feel 20 years old, for as long as they want. But how many of us would, given the opportunity, want to live forever?



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By voting yes, you are voting to also be offered the new abilities that will/may be available to people in the future, due to technological advances. For example, you will have the ability to choose the physical/virtual form in which you exist. You can remain in your own biological body, and choose which physical age you appear. Many more forms of existence are possible, including owning cybernetic enhancements, existing in a fully robotic body, or moving into any other type of biological body you can create with your imagination. Also, you could exist in a virtual reality, through mind uploading. What you are allowed to do though is unknown, for we may need to create regulations and restrictions in order to prevent criminals/terrorists from gaining uncontrollable and dangerous abilities.


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