How everybody who has ever died, can be revived in the future

What if there is no God, does that mean that death is death? Well if humanity survives long into the future and time travel becomes possible, perhaps not.

We are thinking big here. Importantly though, we are thinking logically, based on scientific theories of what might be possible in the future. Spiritual religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam all rely on the pure guess that we have a ‘god’ watching over us, who will take our souls to a better place when we leave this world; they rely on faith, on hope.

We are the gods; we are the creators; the existence of our afterlife could depend on our efforts to improve humanity.

The Necessary Technologies

To achieve what we are proposing, humanities technologies will need to have had advanced to almost inconceivable levels. The necessary technologies are listed below.

Quantum Computing & Femto Computing.

We will need to have created Quantum Computers, based on Nanotechnology. It is predicted that Quantum Computers will be functional as soon as the 2020’s, and by the 2040’s it is predicted that they will be billions of times more powerful than the supercomputers of today. As we continue into the future, nanoscale computing will miniaturize ¬†further, to the femto scale. Femto Computers will again be billions of times faster than Quantum Computers. Computers of the future will be incomprehensibly powerful.

Artificial General Intelligence

Computers of those speeds will not be useful unless their operators are of equal capacity, unless that computer is conscious, and able to think for itself. It is predicted that this conscious Artificial General Intelligence will be created as soon as the 2040’s, and that it will be used to augment the ability of the human mind. Our intelligence levels could be increased beyond comprehension in as little as 35 years.


We will need to free ourselves from dependence on earth resources for fuel, and harness the power of the sun for all of our energy needs.

Time Travel Clock


Theoretically, in the future everything we need to survive will be free. This will be due to our Energy Self-Sufficiency, advanced robotics and artificial intelligence combining to sustain our existence. Read more about this on our Post-Scarcity page.

Time Travel

It is currently thought that time travel may be possible. Also read how time travel may be possible, even if it is not.

How the dead can be revived

In all likelihood, as we continue to advance in the future we will be aiming to create a utopia. We will be reaching for the perfection of our existence. It is what all of us are already aiming for, the best possible life. Therefore everything that becomes possible and is moral, somebody will aim to achieve.

If we learn today how to bring back the dead, we would undoubtedly want to do bring back our lost loved ones. And those lost loved ones will want to bring back the loved ones they had previously lost, and so on.

It would of course need to be done so nobody from the past knew it was happening , otherwise we would already know it is happening, and it will change the course of the future, possibly destroying that future.

It would be done by an unimaginably enhanced Artificial Intelligence system that has the ability to not only see the whole of time and space, but to scan and copy the information it sees. So it would identify the moments before deaths, and scan the consciousness of the dying. The information will be materialized into the future.

What happens after they materialise is debatable. For instance, what about criminals? Do we want murderers to be revived?

Perhaps the AI system will be smart enough to know how to rehabilitate people: Perhaps the criminals and the immoral will be first sent into an artificial (virtual) world, which is run by a Rehabilitation AI System. And in that artificial world, scenarios and lessons are played out to teach the wrong doers the error of their ways. Perhaps though some people will have caused so much destruction in their lives that they are not revived, because the rest of us won’t want them to be.

What do you think?

That is just my opinion of how it is most likely we will be revived in the future. The possibilities are endless. Do you think it is likely? Do you have any other theories?

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