First moves being made to build real Starship Enterprise

Star trekking is our future
Star trekking is our future


We are now seeing the first signs of the creation of a real starship enterprise. Should humanity survive the trials of the 21st century then space colonisation will be our next endeavour. Find out more below about some of the first steps that are currently being made.

A petition is being produced by an engineer who asserts that “we have within our technological reach the ability to build the 1st generation of the USS Enterprise”. ¬†The full petition can be seen¬†here.

The organising engineer, BTE Dan, works at a company that is a global high-tech leader, with the role of exploring new ideas and new technologies.

The project, BTE Dan maintains, would be a practical step forward for space exploration, not mealy a vanity exercise; after an extensive study of the architecture of the craft, and our current and upcoming technological capabilities, he states that the ship as seen in Star Trek is actually feasible.


For more about our capability of building a real USS Enterprise¬†view BTE Dan’s website,¬†which is dedicated to the science behind the ship.