No One is Right: All Religions are Possible!

All religions are possible


You don’t believe in any religion, and you believe that when you’re dead, you’re dead!? This does not automatically make you an atheist. Those who don’t believe in any religion, may actually be far more open minded than those who do.



The authors of this site do not subscribe to one religion; we subscribe to all. That is not because we are indecisive or are trying to appeal to a universal audience; it is because anything is possible! What is certainly incredibly unlikely though is that one certain religion is wholly correct in their beliefs above all others.

As conscious beings we have a longing to understand the meaning of our lives, why we are here, and who created us. A possibility is that our planet was purposefully created. Or maybe our own planet was not specifically planned, but instead the building blocks of our universe were designed and the big bang of its creation initiated by a much more advanced form of life, so much more advanced that the nature of their existence is inconceivable at our current intelligence levels, and so we call them gods.

But who created our creators? Where did they come from? Are they watching us now? These are all questions that religions have all assumed answers to. We do not know for certain any of these answers. We do not know if any other life (god) is out there watching us. We don’t ‘know’ anything. So we must ‘learn’.

So what if to start we were to all abandon our understanding of our creation. One thing is certain, our individual religious habits and our understanding of the world can be moulded into the very fabric of who we are. Many people consider themselves who they are thanks to their religious beliefs,  it is what has taught them their morals, it has shown them hope when all else was lost, it turned the darkness of nothing into a reason to live, it lets them feel a connection with their deceased loved ones. So the phrase here is certainly fitting: old habits die hard.

But die they must: The authors of this site are focused on the research of upcoming technologies. The rate of technological advancement is ever accelerating and we are just before the curve of wondrous universal ideology altering achievements. Throughout the next 50 years we will be dealing with bigger issues than all of the accumulated issues of the past, for example, consequences of human¬†immortality¬†is almost certain to be one of them. We cannot move forward peacefully unless we globally decide to ‘learn’, and stop assuming that we already ‘know’!

If you are reading this now and are certain that your religion is correct and all others are misguided, consider this: Would you think the same if you were born into another family in another region of the world? We do not think you should abandon your faith here, we are simply hoping that our readers are willing to consider that more is possible. We ask you to open your minds to the possibilities outside of the boxes that many of us live in. We need to collaborate as one and focus on our evolution and not the blind defence of misguided aims and cultures.

United Religions Initiative

If you agree with our thoughts, you may want to check out the United Religions Initiative, we stand wholly behind their mission. This is the URI vision: “URI envisions a world at peace, sustained by engaged and interconnected communities committed to respect for diversity, nonviolent resolution of conflict and social, political, economic and environmental justice”.

Click below to visit the website of the United Religions Initiative.

United Religions Initiative
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